AB&I Foundry
7825 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone 510-632-3467 Founded 1906 Acquired 2006

AB&I Foundry is the largest manufacturer of cast iron soil pipe and fittings in the Western United States. Located in Oakland, CA, AB&I has a Custom Casting Division that can manufacture all specialized products.


  • Hub and Spigot Fittings
  • Hub and Spigot Pipe
  • No-Hub Fittings
  • No-Hub Soil Pipe
  • Service Weight Hub and Spigot Fittings (SV)
  • Service Weight Hub and Spigot Pipe (SV)

AB&I Foundry has been producing quality cast iron products for over a hundred years. AB&I was born in the shadows of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. At that time, the foundry's primary products were decorative light poles and iron & brass statuary. As the company evolved through time, so did our product offering. AB&I Foundry led the West Coast as the dominant producer of cast iron drain, waste and vent systems for decades. AB&I has also become a modern, highly-technological full-service provider of custom OEM gray iron castings for companies nationwide.

AB&I is steadfast in adhering to professional standards in both how we do business and the products we manufacture. Our basic principles are what set us apart. When buying cast iron pipe and fittings from AB&I, you can be confident you’re receiving top quality products from people that care. Quality control is essential to our reputation so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality product that meet the standards every time.

The culture of AB&I makes us unique in the industry. People are not referred to as “employees,” but rather “Team Members.” Teamwork is the foundation of AB&I. Whether a team member is hourly or in a management role, they are all afforded the same level of importance and are valued for their input and encouraged to make suggestions on how to make improvements.

The spirit and attitude that made AB&I successful in the last century is still alive today, making AB&I truly the Foundry of the Future. AB&I has long taken its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously and led the way in safety enhancements long before governmental regulations made them a requirement. Staying ahead of the curve is a strategy of ours and we continue to make an investment in new technologies that will continue to make the foundry cleaner and greener than ever – that’s why our pipe and fittings are made from ~100% post-consumer recycled scrap iron.

We’ve had a strong foundation as a premier manufacturer of cast iron products for well over a century. Through a comprehensive program of water treatment, air pollution reduction, recycling, and solid-waste management, AB&I has set the standard for responsible foundry practices and policies. INTEGRITY - That’s the AB&I way.

AB&I Foundry is owned by McWane Inc., a privately held family company located in Birmingham, Alabama.